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Due to some limitations with this website, we have decided to continue our journal on Daniela's regular blog: http://roth-nater.blogspot.com. See you there!

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Loading Day

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After all the packing yesterday, we spent the night amid our wrapped belongings - all the familiar shapes, but with a strange bubble-wrappy texture. My day began when my slightly panicked wife requested my immediate presence downstairs. She had found a whole stack of boxes in the basement with things we didn't know we had down there. After a frenzied weeding-out session, it turned out to be a pretty modest pile of things that we were glad to have.

The movers came around 8:30 and started filling the "lift vans", which are big wooden closets used by people who don't fill a full 20' container. After everything was loaded up, we hadn't even filled two of them and had some room left over for a few dear non-essentials. Now our place looks empty and I can't help but feel a lightness of not being burdened by all our stuff.

Thanks to Gunter and his team - you were awesome!


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Work Crew

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Accomplishments of the weekend:

  • bought and installed bike rack
  • battery that was installed a week ago is still alive
  • took down broken awning
  • dashboard radio is not worth upgrading, will use a set of PC speakers for entertainment
  • replaced bathroom curtain
  • sidewalk sale, gave away lots of stuff


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Hitching the bike rack

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Just yesterday we were able to buy a bike rack off "Craigslist". Yeah! It holds 3 bikes. We will take the bikes for the three guys, as well as the trail-a-bike along. I already know I will miss my bike, but that's all we can load. It will be fine, I will hike and maybe enjoy some moments of peace and quiet with Thea, when the rest of the family is pedaling through one of the national parks.
The other major event was our side walk sale. All the little odd things as well as some great stuff, like ice skates or a coffee grinder, some cool nature guides for New England have found new homes.
We still have have a family discussion how the money should be spent. Elias thinks very strongly, that 2/3's should be his, as he has been sitting on the front steps for most of the afternoon "selling" stuff.
Amos and Naomi are much more in favor for a general family treat, something for the family, we will see and likely keep talking for a few more days.

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Test Drive

How do you try out a camper? Why, by camping, of course!

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We spent the weekend of July 4th attending the Suzuki Violin Camp in Quechee, VT. This was our first opportunity to try out our camper under realistic conditions, meaning that there were showers every single day. But we were relieved to confirm that it drives quite easily, even at highway speeds.

Wir verbrachten das Wochenende vom 4. Juli im Suzuki Violin-Camp in Quechee, Vermont. Es war unsere erste Gelegenheit, die Reisetauglichkeit unseres Wohnmobils unter allt├Ąglichen Bedingungen zu erproben: Es regnete mindestens einmal pro Tag. Aber wir sind erleichtert, dass es sich darin selbst auf der Autobahn recht komfortabel reist.

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